Thursday, 26 March 2020


I attend the ANG seminar for many reasons. One of them is to take classes from top teachers and designers.
Petuniamonium is a Carlene Harwick design. I hadn't taken a class with Carlene, but when I saw the picture in the Seminar Brochure wanted to go on this one. What I loved about it was the simplicity of the basic outline design enhanced by the use of laid, couched and layered stitches.

There were stitches here I'd never heard of, Keenan Stitch, Sandy's Slide and Damask Darn. There were stitches I'd used before, but Carlene gave them a twist, for example, Nobuko Stitch using two threads, a floss and a metallic. There were lots of filling stitches such as Burden, Laid Filling and Small Burden. Practically every petal is different in some way and the variegated threads used for the leaves provide a touch of realistic shading. I just loved it from start to finish.

Petuniamonium is stitched on Congress Cloth and measures 11" x 13". It took me 47 hours to stitch.

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  1. This is beautiful. Love how the stitches are varied, and a good lesson on using them.