The following images are all mine. I can't blame anyone else for any poor stitching, bad finishing or execrable photography.

Not all of these were designed by me. Many are from classes or of other designers pieces I have stitched for charity. As I wander my way through my blog I will be telling the story of each of these pieces, starting with the first thing I ever finished way back in the 70's.

"Australian Cross Stitch" my first ever completed project, 1971.

"Imari Plate", designed by Gay Ann Rogers, 1986

"Holbein Carpet", designed by Susan McBaine, from Hans Holbein's "The Ambassadors", 1986

"Harmony", back design by Gay Ann Rogers, Seat by me, 1987

"Clint - The Bear with no name", 1987

"Kazak Rug", designed by Susan McBaine, 1987

"Prayer Rug", designed by Susan McBaine, 1987

"Heriz Carpet", designed by Susan McBaine, 1987

Grandmother's Tablecloth, Printed design on linen. 1988

"Gordon T Gopher" 1989

"Tea Dance, Nippon Style", designed by me, based on an Ukio-e woodcut, 1989

"Alf", designed by "Kids Stuff", 1990

"Hexagon Quilt", traditional English Piecing, 1990

 "Jacobean Hanging", designed by Phillipa Turnbull, 1999

"The School at The Chalet", design based on the book cover, 1999

"6 Bears+1", hand pieced and quilted, my design, 2000

"Nejiri-bana", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, 2001

"Jacobean Fast Forward", design by Barbara Jackson, 2001

"The Chalet School Goes To It", 2001

"KC Teapot", design by Tony Minieri, 2001

"Suehiro", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, 2002

"A Smile of Relief", my design, 2002

"Bedroom Games", my design, 2004

"Fawny of Eight", my design, 2002

"Just For Fun", design by Caela Conn Tyler, 2003

"Festivals", my design. 2003

"The 4th Wise Man", design by Dorothy Lesher, 2003

"Shoo Fly and Shadow", design by Mary Lou Stransky, 2003

"Blue Grass Fantasy", design by Peg Dunyer, 2003

"Star of A'tuin", my design, 2003

"Bunny Stocking", designer unknown, 2004

"Batique out of Hell", my design, 2004

"The Bear on the Chair", my design, 2004

"Retirement Sampler for Glenda White", my design, 2004

 "US and Us", my design, 2004

"White Blossoms", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Altanta, 2005

"St. Elizabeth's Apron", my design, 2005
"Kites", my design, 2005

"Christmas Lights", designer unknown, 2005

"Flying Geese", my design, 2005

"Egyptian Flower", design by Toni McKelley, 2005

"Petite Nosegay", design by Sandy Rogers, 2006

"Venerable Friends", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, 2006

"Flame Fan; Earth, Fire & Water", my design, 2007

"Fire and Brimstone", my design, adapted from a painting, 2007

"Dying Flames", my design, 2007

"ANG Bear", designer AT, 2007

"Ribbons, a study in Rosashi", design by Margaret Kinsey, 2007

"Earthnight", my design based on photographs from space, 2008

"Crème de la crème", my design (see Fawny of eight), 2008

"Crane", design by Kumiko, 2008

"With Gently Smiling Jaws", my design, 2009

"Young Samurai", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, 2009

"Persian Star", design by Jane Zimmerman. 2009

"Crossing the Spectrum", design by Sue Reed, 2010

"Halloween", designer not known, 2010

"Roofs & Domes, designer not known, 2010

"4:30:1836", my design, 2011

"Petuniamonium", design by Carlene Hardwick, 2012

"Democratic Evolution", my design, 2012

"Gates", designer not known, 2012

"Boats: After Hokusai" my design, 2012

"Red Carol Singer", designer not known, 2013

"Auspicious I and II", my design, 2013

"Santa and Mrs Santa", designer not known, 2013

"Daffodil Hill", design by Lois Kershner, 2013

"Tar River Trail", design by Gail T Stafford, 2013

"Ammonite", my design, 2014

"Golden Endless Knot", design by Michelle Roberts, 2014

"Embroidery Sculpture", design by Japanese Embroidery Center, Atlanta, 2015

"(Polar) Bear's Claw", my design, 2014

"Tree of Life", design by Michelle Roberts, 2015

"Man the Builder", my design, 2016

"Sisters", design by Nanci Cucci, 2017

"Kaytlyn", my design, 2017

"Or-nue Flower", design by Helen McCook, 2017

"Let the Good Times Roll", design by Janet Zickler Casey, 2018

"Unicorn Sporran", my design, 2018

Passionate Pineapple, design by Sandi Cormaci-Boles

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